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Howami is your menstrual care companion app. Designed to empower you with your very own period superpower!

Howami Cycle Tracker

Support our mission with our lovely new cycle tracker. The Howami Cycle Tracker is a convenient menstrual tracking tool, carefully designed for the home or workplace. Cycle tracking calendars are a great way to gain menstrual awareness, self connection, body literacy & emotional intelligence. They are great for housemate’s or family members to get an insight into the menstrual cycle and specially good to share with other Menstruating people. Printed on a magnetised and durable backing, we supply you with an attractive magnet to keep track of where you are in your cycle. More magnets are are available to order, if you wish to share tracking with other members of your family or group (recommended). The calendar comes packaged with a single tracking magnet (additional magnets available to purchase in Checkout) and an instructional leaflet.

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One glance is all you need.
Howami Cycle Widget displays your entire cycle on one page. Customise your avatar and intuitively track your cycle on the move. Easily see upcoming cycle days with a single swipe.
The widget lives on your iPhone dock or lock screen, updating automatically.

For iOS 17+ only.

Howami for you.

Understanding your unique menstrual Cycle patterns is so important to living your most confident, empowered life! 

We have designed a revolutionary app that can be your companion and trusted friend, every step of the way
Come home to yourself each day, by asking the simple question: how am I?

In Howami you can understand yourself as you've never have before. 

Create your Avatar-self, track your Menstrual Cycle and emotions and see your cycle-day as a visual world to keep close to your heart, or to share with others.

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the howami app

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Touch controlled cycle tracking

Interact visually with your menstrual cycle and emotions.
See where you are (and where you will be), in one glance.
We've made tracking simpler and more enjoyable than ever before.

Express your day with our creative image generator.

A unique, daily image generator that reflects your cycle phase and emotions in nature's seasons.
Helps you understand yourself and allows others to connect with you.

  • Upload your selfie

  • Design your seasonal environment

  • Share your day with others

  • Keep your own personal image diary

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AI cycle pattern recognition

Find insights from past images and past days.
AI assisted sorting of images by Cycle Day, Emotion or Season/Phase.
Learn from patterns in order to see whats coming.
Because it's visual, we don't need your data.

“This will be really Cool. Can’t wait”

Gen Z user

For years, we have been teaching young people about the benefits of engaging with their whole cycle.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of young people around the world, increase the awareness of Menstruation and to provide a valuable Mental Health resource.

Howami inclusivity statement

"We recognize that while the Menstrual Cycle is a biological process, gender isn’t fixed. We strongly believe in Menstrual inclusivity and so are using the phrase “Cycling people” or “Menstruators” when referring to the App User Community."

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