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Why resilience matters with no MVP.

Many businesses start with their product. Howami is not a material product but lands in the digital sphere, where beautifully complex nuanced variables can be adopted quickly.

We’ve spent months reading and digesting the academic research connected to our idea and fortunately for us there is much research with positive impact data of:

🌟avatar therapy (particularly in mental wellbeing field)

🌟play thinking

🌟tech for good

🌟inclusivity & diversity


🌟menstrual (whole cycle) awareness

We have illuminated the problems/limitations with current period tracking apps and know there is room for an innovative alternative approach to serve a young audience who we believe are most in need.

❣️We are so passionate about onboarding the younger generation and creating a positive relationship with the menstrual cycle from the off. ❣️

If you’re born female, it is simply something that you will be negotiating for many years. It’s not an 'opt in' situation which is why we are propelled to offer something more engaging and bespoke.

👑We’ve run workshops on menstrual awareness and know the need for our idea is there.

👑We've spent many months on the ground talking to our audience to gain qualitive research to work out what our product needs to be. 

👑We’ve taken groups of young people manually through the therapeutic flow of the app to test its usefulness.

From our own past hands-on experience and expertise in the fields of menstruality and mindfulness we have exquisitely considered and deliciously designed a therapeutic journey that is specific to the need of our audience and in line with our objective outcomes.

BUT…we don’t have an MVP.. and we don’t have thousands of followers on social media.

We are a narcoleptic and a single mum who don’t have family or friends we can call on for money, but we do have a lot of determination and grit.

We keep hearing about online traction and being able to prove that there is an audience out there, ready and waiting for the product. It’s a bit like proving the case for a new recipe when we know there is a daily need to eat.

We believe it will be vital to go to market in a strategized, funded manner and we also believe:

🌟A. Timing is crucial to do this (our product is a paradigm shift)

🌟B. It is important that our product is based on solid evidence

🌟C. That moving our limited resources from a science-backed development phase into achieving Instagram likes will not prove much about our business... (other than being good at social media).

So, resilience is key. We easily show up each day, even though essentially, we are working for free, because we believe in our baby. Who can attune to this?

Thank goodness for my mindfulness training and for nikki’s grounded presence!

Team is everything and we are a strong trio who put passion and benefit first and that’s what keeps us going.

Who can relate? I'd love to hear your thoughts about resilience when times are challenging... 



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